Our Lift Assist Harness is Patent Pending

Published on June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

We knew our product, the Doty Belt,  was unique, and to protect it we applied for a patent.  We are now officially “patent pending #61/847,215.   What does this mean?  It means we are int he process of getting a patent, so that   no one else can sell or make our DotyBelt without our permission or payment.  There is only one DotyBelt, and the Patent Office is in the process of agreeing.

What does Patent Pending mean?  Why not just get a patent?  It takes a two to three years for the patent process to run its course, but in the meantime, we want people to know that the patent has been applied for.  We will be thrilled when we can next announce that we now have our patent.